What is provisional license insurance? ALL You Need To Know

What is provisional license insurance? ALL You Need To Know
What is provisional license insurance? ALL You Need To Know

Provisional license insurance is what you will need if you have temporary licenses and you take driving lessons privately and not at a driving school.  Professional driving instructors usually have their own insurance, but if you use your own car or a car owned by a friend or relative, you will have to take out your own insurance.

Where is provisional license insurance useful?

  In most cases, learner’s permit drivers are teenagers who live with their parents.  These young drivers are usually covered by their parents’ policy when they are licensed to study, and they do not need to buy their own policy.

  However, insurers have a different approach to young drivers.  Insurers may need to indicate in the policy each family member who has reached the age of driving.  With other insurance companies, you don’t need to do this until your young driver is eligible.

Who is provisional license insurance for?

  Almost everyone can learn to drive a car, but there are rules about the type of car insurance you need if you only have prior and not full driver’s licenses.  According to the DVLA, the average student needs about 60 hours to pass a driving test.  This is 40 hours of training with a qualified instructor and 20 hours of practice with family or friends.

How does provisional license insurance work?

  And as you study, there are rules you need to follow to make sure you do it safely and legally.  Once you have an “L” number and a temporary ID, the next thing to think about is temporary insurance.  If you are studying with a private instructor, his car should usually already be covered.  However, if you study in your own car, you will usually need to purchase temporary license insurance.  You also need to make sure that the car has a valid car tax before driving it.  This can be expensive due to the increased risk of an accident, but there are ways to reduce costs.

  What does provisional license insurance cover?

  This will cover you for 12 months as you prepare to take the test.  If you pass during this time, you will need to notify your insurer as they will make changes to your policy to reflect this.  Most driver insurance policies are fully equivalent to a comprehensive insurance policy, which will cover accidents, theft, fire and malicious damage.  You can even create your own no-claims bonus while driving with temporary licenses.

  • Third party: Third party car insurance is a minimum legal requirement for drivers who take out insurance.  It covers the damage you do to another person, their vehicle or property, but does not pay for any costs associated with your own car.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft: Third Party Fire and Theft is the next step that adds cover to your own car if it is stolen or damaged as a result of an attempted theft or fire.
  • Fully comprehensive: Fully integrated policies also cover the damage caused to your car as a result of the accident you caused

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Is provisional license insurance cheaper?

Provisional license insurance holders who learn to drive their parents’ car are more likely to save on insurance.  This is because they will not be the main driver of the policy and therefore will not be classified as such a high risk.  If you sign up for an insurance policy as a named insurance driver for an experienced driver, you will not pay that much for your insurance.  This means that the reward of an experienced driver is likely to increase significantly.

  If you are going to be the main driver of a vehicle, and you call yourself just a named driver, you are breaking the law.  This means that your insurance company may refuse to pay if you make a claim.  This is known as “fronting” and is in fact a fairly common practice in the UK, even if it is illegal.

  The best way to make sure you get the best deal on your insurance is to compare the different deals available to you.  The most effective way to see all the best deals on offer is to compare car insurance.  Here, on our website, we offer a free and unbiased price comparison service that compares all the offers currently on the market.

  How to get a provisional license insurance

  1. Shop around.  The best way to purchase Provisional license insurance is to go online and compare costs on a comparison website.
  2. Consider a short-term policy.  Some insurers offer short-term driver training policies that last three to six months.  It may be much cheaper than a traditional 12-month policy, but consider both.
  3. Pay in full in advance.  Paying bonuses on a monthly basis may seem attractive because it allows for cost sharing.  But you will probably pay more for the privilege.
  4. Decide to pay a larger excess.  The excess is the amount you agree to pay before the insurance policy takes effect.  By increasing your voluntary surplus, you can reduce the cost of the premium.  Make your amounts to check what you can afford if you need to file a claim.
  5. Select the “telematics” policy.  By installing black box technology, insurers can control the driver’s behavior and can reward responsible driving with lower premiums.
  6. Add a driver.  Consider adding a parent or other experienced driver to your policy.  But make sure you don’t break the “front”.  Here the parents take cover and add the young man as the named driver.  This qualifies as insurance fraud.

Am I insured on a provisional license?

   If someone else allows you to drive their car, they can add you to their insurance policy as a named driver.  It is likely that this will increase their premiums, as trained drivers are considered more risky than experienced drivers.  It is important to keep in mind that the insured can also lose the bonus without claims in the event of an accident, which makes it quite a risky and expensive option.  To learn more about adding a student driver to your existing insurance policy, click here to read our guide.

  Alternatively, you can take out a temporary driver’s insurance policy that covers you until you pass the exam.  This is the best way to get coverage without affecting the car owner’s insurance policy.

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