Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs to go for

Pet insurance affiliate programs can help families who love their dogs and other pets but don’t have the means to pay the big vet bills.  In some cases, pet insurance companies pay up to 90% of vet bills.  There is no preferred provider network either, so pet owners can choose which vet they want to take their animals to.  However, only a small percentage of pet owners have purchased pet insurance, and many have never heard of it.  It is a market with a lot of potential for growth, and that means there is room for affiliate profits.  Connecting people who know nothing about pet insurance with a pet insurance company that can help keep their pets healthy is also a good thing.  If you are interested in this market, read this list of the 10 best pet insurance affiliate programs.

  Everyone loves their pets, some pet parents treat their pets like children.  For this reason, many pet owners are willing to spend crazy amounts on caring for their furry loved ones, which presents a great opportunity for those looking to build a business around this stable industry.

  How to start a pet insurance affiliate programs

  All you have to do is sign up for affiliate programs where they keep track of the people you send to their website.  It’s free and easy to set up.  They pay you for either a submitted quote or a completed order.  Some carriers will only pay you a commission for a quote.  This can be very easy because the price is definitely the first thing people would like to check.

  They are likely to receive quotes for more than one product from more than one insurance company.  So you may earn multiple commissions from just one person you send to different carriers.  You don’t even have to be an insurance agent or broker to send traffic to an insurance website.  Anyone who wants to create quality content that helps your audience choose the best product can do that too.

  And of course, if you’re a pet owner and have user experience buying and making a claim, people will find your recommendations more compelling.

  Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs to go for

·         Petplan pet insurance

  Only after your first visit to a vet do you begin to understand that healthcare for our furry friends is expensive.Petplan offers comprehensive pet insurance for one monthly payment that covers up to 90% of your costs.  And they provide cover in areas where some other insurance companies don’t, such as chronic and hereditary health issues that afflict certain breeds of cats and dogs.

  This is doubly true for purebred breeds, where health issues are virtually guaranteed, and they offer dental coverage for your pets, with an insurance policy costing as much as $1 a day.

  Even better, you’ll get 30% credit on your policy if you don’t have to use it during the year.  You will need to sign up for Pepperjam to promote this program and one of the other pet insurance affiliate programs in this roundup.  Once you do that and get approved, you’ll earn $25 per lead promoting this pet insurance company.  Obviously, you can pay for a higher commission rate if you generate enough sales for them.


·         Embrace pet insurance

  Embrace Pet Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your furry best friend.  But you won’t need to juggle confusing policy details—Embrace only has one insurance plan.  You then customize this to your specific needs in terms of maximum coverage, repayment percentage, and your annual deductible.  This insurance company will cover 90% of your vet’s bills, which can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars, but their policy will also come in handy to help pay for routine care, such as checkups.  

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The catch here is that Embrace will consider pets with pre-existing health issues, something the vast majority of pet insurance providers refuse to accept.  This is really rare when insuring cats and dogs, so it’s worth taking care of it.  And $2 of each policy payment is donated to a pet charity, so your visitors are guaranteed to take care of less fortunate dogs and cats, too.

  The Embrace Pet Insurance affiliate program pays a fixed amount of $36 per lead.  To qualify as a leader, your referral must complete their online application and provide a payment method.  But they don’t need to buy an insurance policy in order to get credit on the sale.  Although anyone who spam on this offer using fake leads will never be paid.


·         PetFirst Pet Insurance

  Most pet parents often put the health and well-being of their cats and dogs before their own.  But that doesn’t make a visit to the vet any less expensive.  Pet First also claims to have the shortest waiting times for accident and sickness coverage of any pet insurance company.

  They also run adoption events, as well as work with animal shelters across the United States, providing 30 days of pet insurance for adopters.  So you know that they really care about animal welfare on all levels – they put their money where their mouths are.

  This affiliate program pays you 8% commission on every sale you make.  This means you earn about $2 if your referral buys minimal coverage.  This is at minimal commission rates when compared to other pet insurance affiliate programs we’ve found.  But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad show – just how well it converts is something only you can discover.


·         Eusoh Pet Insurance

Eusoh, on the other hand, is publicly funded pet insurance.  The community pays in a “pool,” and then that pool pays the bills for the vets.  Their system is completely transparent and algorithmically balanced to ensure that no member pays an unfair amount

  And you can choose your own vet – there is no need to commit to “approved” providers.  A pet insurance company provides the same level of care as the others, including routine care expenses that are often excluded.


·         Pet Insurer

  Pet insurers can be really complicated at times.  There are so many policies and providers out there – how do you know what’s right for you?  Thankfully a pet insurance company is doing all the heavy lifting here.  You can simply tell them where you live, a few details about your pet, and they show you the most competitive insurance rates for your area.  So it’s basically the same as Expedia, except for cat and dog insurance.

  If nothing else, they give you an option to either spend countless hours online on your own searching and comparing offers or let their algorithm do all the research for you.  There is also the nitty-gritty that they pay their affiliates a flat commission of $100 per sale.  Finally, they also offer a white-label pet insurance product – this might be ideal for affiliates or e-commerce sites with high traffic and an established brand.


·         Best pets affiliate program

  On the Pets Best website, customers who are not familiar with pet insurance can read about what pet insurance is, how it works, how much it costs, and the difference between dog and cat insurance.  Customers can also get a quote, read additional resources, and browse reviews before they make their choice.

  Pets Best offers a health package for dogs and cats that covers procedures such as deworming, micro charging, and vaccinations.  Other insurance coverage includes cancer, accidents, illnesses, surgeries, and specialist coverage.


·         Healthy Paws Affiliate program

  Instead of asking for a discount for every incident a pet needs to see a vet, Healthy Paws has one annual discount.  This company also covers expensive genetic and congenital conditions and has no claims limits.  This company is keen to extend its coverage beyond “usual and customary” reimbursements that can limit payments for pets in need.

  Affiliates can access promotional materials such as banners to aid in marketing efforts.  An added advantage about this company is that referrals from affiliates get a lifetime discount on their Healthy Paws policies.  However, this company does not offer a wellness plan for expected vet visits for things like vaccinations.


·         Petco Affiliate Program

  Petco is a health company focused on improving the lives of pets and pet parents by providing products and services that range from pet foods and supplies to pet care and insurance.  They have been in business since 1965 and operate over 1,500 Petco locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

  Petco insurance covers a variety of health needs – veterinary treatment, diagnostic tests, accidents, surgery, hospitalization, behavioral issues, and more.  They also offer affordable plans and also allow the plan price to be customized by choosing from annual limit, repayment percentage, and annual deductible options.

  The Petco affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius.  Affiliate marketers will get 2% commission and access to their tracking links to promote all their products and promotions available.  Petco will also send out regular newsletters informing affiliates of any promotions and new ways to increase their sales.


·         Protectapet Affiliate Program

Protectapet offers pet insurance for dogs, cats, and horses.  This company is based in Spain and specializes in pet insurance in Spain and Europe, so it’s a good choice for ex-pats, but they cover pets no matter where you live.

  This company has fixed lifetime premiums, easy payment plans, and the ability for customers to take their pets to the vets of their choice.  For affiliates, Protectapet provides enhanced banners and other promotional materials to help attract customers. Protectapet expands pet insurance outside the United States, which sets it apart from others.


·         Agria Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

Agria is a UK based pet insurance company with an active Facebook community and Twitter group.  The company offers pet insurance for dogs, cats and rabbits throughout the UK.  Coverage extends throughout the pet’s life.

Agria policies are so customizable that pet owners only pay for what their pets need.  The company works with veterinarians and reintroduction organizations to build the best pet insurance policies.  Agria also has an in-house team of pet grooming professionals to help answer customer questions.  This company has a Pet Health Care Helpline and annual health bonuses like coupons that pet owners can spend on vet services.


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