Why are there so many insurance commercials on TV?

Why are there so many insurance commercials on TV?
Why are there so many insurance commercials on TV?

Why are there so many insurance commercials on TV? Although this can be partly explained by competition between companies, the main reason for this sudden explosion of insurance advertising is rooted in the changing environment of insurance in general.

  Thanks to technology, people are looking for politics in a way that was impossible a few years ago, and they care more about the company’s accessibility than ever before.  To remain competitive in the market, insurance companies must rely heavily on direct sales advertising to reach their customers.

Why do insurance companies spend so much on insurance commercials?

  From online quotes and fun advertising to agencies and claim centers, the ultimate goal of any insurance company is to meet the needs of its customers.  Insurance is one of the most competitive industries, and companies will do everything possible to maintain an advantage over their competitors.  This is good for the consumer, because a higher level of competition means the best rates for policies.  By taking advantage of comparative purchases, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible insurance deal, even if the company is not widely advertised or particularly well-known.

Why are there so many insurance commercials on TV?

  Due to the changing market, insurance companies quickly discovered the need to sell their products directly to the consumer.  More importantly, insurers found that they needed to sell their products carefully to attract exactly the type of policyholders they wanted.  This is why some people are entitled to better discounts through some insurance companies than others: people who fit that company’s target demographic always pay the lowest rates.

 Insurance commercials on TV benefit the insurance company in several ways.  This helps them to focus carefully on their customers, allowing them to largely choose their policyholders.  It also helps keep operating costs low, as there is no need to pay large support staff for the agency in all areas.  By using centralized customer service and claims support staff in call centers, the insurance company can maximize productivity while reducing costs.  Given how many of these customer service centers are outsourced, operating costs are reduced even lower.

How much does American insurance marketplace spend on insurance commercials?

  The American insurance market is the largest of its kind in the world.  According to a 2016 Treasury Department industry report, U.S. carriers collected more than $ 1.27 trillion in premiums in 2015, up 15 percent from 2009.  This figure is about 7 percent of domestic GDP.

  These high numbers make sense.  Insurance is one of the few products that almost everyone owns in one form or another (and in many cases is required by law).  In order for industry players to gain market share from competitors, their high revenues are translated into huge advertising budgets.  The following are the total media costs of selected brands in 2015.

How much is spent on insurance commercials yearly?

  The fact that several billion advertising dollars are spent yearly by only a few insurance companies shows that the insurance industry is extremely profitable and competitive.  It can also tell us that products do not speak for themselves.  You may have noticed an endless list of famous actors or athletes who tell you that they like the company they represent.

  The reality is that companies like State Farm, GEICO and Farmers Insurance do not have products that can properly insure the people who represent them through advertising. 

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  Why are there so many insurance commercials on TV?

  In many ways, Geico may be responsible for the sudden influx of car insurance advertising.  Beginning in the late 1990s, Geico launched an aggressive advertising campaign targeting a young, technically savvy audience.  These commercials were among the first insurance ads to be carefree and focused on saving money rather than the importance of protection.

  After that, other companies began broadcasting similar commercials.  Now, from the magical call of State Farm to the cute agent of chaos Allstate, insurance commercials are more focused than ever on humor.  There are also many more.  Although this can be partly explained by competition between companies, the main reason for this sudden explosion of insurance advertising is rooted in the changing environment of insurance in general.

 What are the best insurance commercials on TV?

1.      Geico: Did You Know

  After years of advertising, everyone knows that 15 minutes can save 15% or more on car insurance with Geico.  The latest commercial campaign of the insurer “Did you know” reminds consumers of this fact, teaching them something new.

2.      Progressive: Bake Sale

  Progessive is still working on its Flo campaign, but this time the character is portrayed as a schoolgirl trying to share her great ideas on insurance with peers.  Flo’s adult actress, Stephanie Courtney, is appearing in episodes in commercials, appearing as hilarious characters in school officials.

3.      Esurance: Beatrick Offline Over-Saver

  In an age where everything from friendships to vacation photos can be instantly shared online, Esurance wants consumers to know that they can get great discounts on insurance just as quickly.

4.      State Farm: Road Trip Jingle

  Filing a State Farm lawsuit is as easy as singing a bell, and much less annoying than Jimmy’s mom.  She may not be able to help her son file a lawsuit, but at least her grandson is very happy to see her.

5.      Allstate: Smart Kid

  It may be hard to imagine that your child knows more about your insurance policy than you do, but something in Dennis Haysbert’s voice that comes from a charming little girl makes it somewhat believable or at least funny.

6.      Farmers: Uninsured Robot

  Professor Nathaniel Burke shows the client what can happen if you are not insured against uninsured drivers, whether they are people or not.

7.      Progressive: Superhouse

  In this Progressive ad, a single-family home is slowly transformed into a completely white Progressive headquarters throughout the ad.  Frame-by-frame changes in the interior of the house, as well as the transformation of his wife and daughter into those like Flow, attract the audience, trying to catch all the subtle differences in each frame.

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