12 Leading Insurance blogs to look out for

Since you only have a lot of time to read insurance blogs, you don’t want to get into a mess.  Instead, focus your attention on those with the best reputation for providing high-quality information, advice, and guidance.

  The insurance industry is very confusing and constantly evolving with new elements, laws, strategies and developments.  In this technologically advanced day and age, insurance organizations, government offices, brokers, agents and insurance law experts have created blogs to keep their readers informed of everything new that is happening.

  Moreover, your insurance business will also thrive if individuals can reach your organization through online means (blogs, websites) from the solace of their homes.  Thus, the blog provides insurance players with a stage to engage with, develop their brand and gain some authority, along with delivering industry-related news directly to their clients and potential clients.

  What type of life insurance should I choose?

  You can choose a common policy or a single policy.  If you take out joint life insurance, the money will go to the surviving policyholder – like your spouse.  This is unless you make alternate arrangements.

  If you take individual life insurance, the money goes to your property.  So you decide who to go to when you die.  A joint life policy is usually more affordable than two single policies.  However, joint life coverage is only paid upon first death.  Whereas the purchase of two separate documents would ensure that there is a payment for each death.

  How do I know the type of life insurance policy good for me?

  With all life insurance options available, it can seem difficult to choose the right one.  Start by choosing between life and permanent insurance.  Consider a life insurance policy if you need life insurance for a specific period of time.  For example, if you want insurance to cover your working years as a potential “income alternative” if you are no longer around.

  Fixed-term life insurance is also a good option if you are on a tight budget.  Since fixed term life insurance provides protection for a fixed period of time, and is not a cash value life insurance policy, the rates will be lower than permanent life insurance.

  As you enter different stages of life, your life insurance needs may change.  Many life insurance policies are convertible into a permanent policy.  The options depend on your policy and your insurance company.  A life transfer term allows you to switch to a permanent policy without re-applying or a life insurance medical exam.

Who needs a permanent life insurance?

  You need life insurance for the duration of your life.  The permanent document pays a death benefit whether you die tomorrow or live over 100.  You want to accumulate a savings component that grows on a tax-deferred basis and can be a source of borrowed money for a variety of purposes.  The savings component can be used to pay premiums to keep life insurance in effect if you can’t pay it otherwise, or it can be used for any other purpose you choose.  You can borrow this money even if your credit is shaky. 

The death benefit is considered security for the loan, and if you die before paying it off, the insurance company collects what is owed to the company before determining what goes to the beneficiary.  Keep in mind that permanent premiums are generally higher than term insurance premiums.  However, the premium on a permanent policy remains the same regardless of your age, while the term can go up significantly each time you renew it.

  There are a number of different types of perpetual insurance policies, such as whole life (regular), universal life, variable life, and variable/comprehensive life.  For more details, see our articles on specific types of policies.

Who needs a Term Life Insurance?

  In addition to being the most affordable type of life insurance, life insurance is the most popular type of life insurance (71% of buyers) according to the Insurance Scale report.  Term life insurance provides coverage for a certain period of time and premiums remain at the same amount for the life of the policy.  Typical options are that policy lengths are 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

  If you die within the term of your confidentiality, your beneficiaries can file a claim and receive death benefit money, tax-free.  Once the policy term expires, you may be able to renew coverage in one-year increments, which is known as a guaranteed renewal.  But each year of renewal will be at a higher rate.

Leading insurance blogs to look out for

·         Life Happens 

  Life Happens is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide you with unbiased information to help you make smart insurance choices to protect your loved ones.  This blog focuses on life, annuities, disability, and long-term care insurance, and how these financial tools can help you build a strong financial foundation.


·         Insurance Noon

  Insurance Noon is the world’s leading source of insurance-related content on the web, with a focus on industry news, buying guides, reviews, and more.  It is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing insurance-related media publications in the world.  In addition, it is a perfect blog for any individual who needs to further understand the technical aspects of the insurance industry and discover top-notch data on topics such as life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance, to give some examples.

  Moreover, Noon Insurance has very useful, real and amazingly written articles on topics like credit and mortgages.  Contains thousands of articles written by insurance experts with the goal of making insurance simple for everyone.


·         Safeco Insurance Blog

  The blog contains data on topics related to home and auto insurance.  These topics are considered to be the area of ​​specialization of the organization.  The information on the blog can be accessed in both English and Spanish.

  Moreover, you can visit this blog for supportive tips and fun facts about home, boat, bike, auto and other insurance related topics.  If you are not an expert but need to learn about the industry, insurance arrangements or some well-rounded data and advice, the Safeco Insurance blog is the perfect place for you.


·         Sproutt  Magazine

Sproutt is a newcomer to the life insurance market.  They literally put their blog up as “Sproutt Magazine” rather than an insurance blog.  Their content team is a group of experts in different fields.  From nutrition to sleep, physical activities, travel and personal finance, you’ve been covered.


·         Allstate Blog

  Allstate’s blog is centered on insurance issues regarding your home, pets, car, bike, boat, and private businesses, as well as term life insurance.  The site can also be accessed in Spanish.  The Allstate Insurance Blog uses a nuanced selling approach by focusing more on important and great data rather than trying to sell you its stuff.

  Moreover, the blog also contains content that discusses the usual daily concerns such as house, cars, apartment, cruiser, pig, private company, money, and much more.  Hence, making it an exceptional insurance blog for either the senior insurer or the inquisitive individual.  If you finish reading this blog, you’ll discover a variety of data on topics around individual budgets, automated wellbeing tips, and private businesses.


·         HealthCare.gov

  The health insurance marketplace is a path for you to discover and purchase health care coverage, with fewer issues.  This Code is administered by the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  The site also displays the federal government’s Medicare arrangements and laws.

  Furthermore, you can apply for inclusion, keep or update your Medicare plan and find solutions to all your healthcare coverage market inquiries.  New articles are published frequently on the blog (at least once a week).


·         Insurance Pro Blog

  This blog is great.  The two men who run this website are very interesting and have deep knowledge of the insurance world.  They provide information on the blog as well as a podcast if you prefer to listen to their information.  I’ll warn you that they like to delve into the technical stuff, but you’ll learn a lot about the overlap between insurance policies.


·         Haven Life Blog

  This blog provides candid content on life insurance-related topics.  You will discover interesting articles about money and wellness.  Haven Life offers a straightforward and affordable alternative to buying quality life insurance online in no time.  You can even read the most read e-magazines which will be sent directly to your email if you sign up for them.

  Thus, Haven Life turns the usually boring and confusing method into a simpler, faster and frankly better way.  This is a life insurance-related blog that explains the importance and tips about life coverage.  It also includes some tips on how to get a medical exam for life insurance, life coverage, and a mortgage.


·         Accenture Insurance Blog

  The Accenture blog covers a wide range of insurance topics written by leading insurance and risk management officials in Europe and America.  You will discover key topics on how guarantors can facilitate business processes through advanced means.

  Accenture talks about how Life and P&C security network providers can achieve superior performance.  Moreover, they publish new articles on their blog at least once a week.  Finally, you can also follow the blog on many social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


·         Pekin Insurance Blog

Pekin Insurance Blog is divided into three areas; blog for people, blog for organizations, and the latest industry news.  The main points of the blog are auto insurance, home insurance, life and luxury coverage.

  All content on this site is made from a business and sales perspective and is aligned directly with the insurance industry.  Additionally, the blog is great for engaging with creative experiences related to the insurance industry.  You can also find Pekin via online media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


·         Majesco Blog

Majesco is centered around innovation and creative arrangements.  They like to describe their blog as “Building the Destiny of Your Business and the Ultimate Destiny of Insurance.”  Furthermore, they provide regular updates on trends in the industry and the ultimate fate of insurance.  The blog covers innovation topics and how to bother with insurance.

  In addition, Majesco provides insurance consulting and programming answers to enable insurance organizations to achieve the expected ingenuity to meet the openings of change.


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