12 Best Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas

Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas – Marketing is vital to your insurance business.  It’s how you convert unwanted calls into friendly leads and grow your business.  Well-planned Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas helps you build and maintain a client base that turns to your agency first for their insurance needs.  Most independent insurance agents understand sales well and are very good at it.  However, the marketing is less straightforward.  The success criterion is less clear.

What is the biggest challenge for insurance agents?

  The biggest challenge for insurance agents is finding new leads.  Potential customers are opportunities to sell your products and services to qualified potential customers.  Without them, you wouldn’t have a new business coming in, and things would stop.  There is no shortage of evidence there. 

With the right insurance marketing ideas, you can start attracting new clients from your local community and nationally, and grow your insurance business.  If you talk to any insurance agency, they will tell you that potential clients are what makes salespeople successful.  Sales is a numbers game.  A salesperson with new prospects working through his pipelines does well in the insurance industry.

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How do I get prospective clients as an insurance agent?

  Whether you sell life insurance or auto insurance – prospective customers are what make the difference in your business.  If you’re struggling to find leads for your insurance business, check out these Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas for lead generation.  We have a range of traditional and digital marketing ideas to bring new business to your company.

  Insurance is a referral-driven business, and smaller independent agents have been relying exclusively on this channel for new business.  But today, there are so many affordable ways for small businesses, such as local insurance agencies, to market, that it’s not only worth it, but it’s essential that you do some marketing.

  Opportunities are mainly online.  Through low-cost website marketing and highly targeted social media ads, insurance agents can build a local brand.  Referrals are still necessary, but they are related to online reputation.

  Here are some of the basics for insurance agency marketing today.  Do it, and your local brand and lead generation will keep you engaged and growing.

Best Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas

·         Apply Customer Relationship Management

  Your CRM system acts as a hub for your insurance marketing efforts.  It is a software designed to improve customer management and marketing efforts.  Collect customer information and store it in a central database for easy access.  Add customer feedback and special considerations and track lifetime value with this system.

  A CRM tool improves both the employee and customer experience, resulting in higher employee levels and customer retention.  The CRM system is integrated into the design of your B12 website, allowing you to do your exploration with the useful tracking tools and marketing features built into the platform.

·         Define your target audience

  It’s hard to create a marketing strategy until you’ve defined your target audience.  Many agencies have a more advanced client base, so many of the marketing strategies they used in the past to gain new clients no longer work.  Generation Xers and Millennials are very tech-savvy.  Many of them may not understand why you would enter a bank, let alone work with an insurance agency in person rather than just go online to Geico, Mercury or Progressive.

·         Build a sales funnel

  In the sales funnel, you maximize your marketing efforts.  The funnel is an organized follow-up system that walks a potential customer through every step of the sales process until they turn into a buyer.  Optimizing sales funnels helps you automate the follow-up process after capturing leads, and increasing conversion.  Receive reports on the results of your marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of your strategy, allowing you to make adjustments.

·         Create Email Marketing Campaigns

  Email marketing campaigns are among the oldest and most effective online marketing methods.  Design a template, and send it to your email list using a distribution program like Mailchimp.  B12 websites integrate with a suite of email automation software designed to drive your campaigns.  With email marketing, you convert leads via email using a regular approach that you constantly adjust to improve performance.

·         Use Emergency Information Wallet Cards

  Include local emergency numbers such as the fire department, police, poison control, etc.  Include your contact information and phone number for claims.  Customers will be happy to carry this valuable card in their wallet and they will always have your information in their pocket!  Referrals are the cheapest and easiest form of marketing for insurance agencies.

·         Content Marketing Implementation

  As an insurance agent, your primary focus is on clients who need an insurance policy at the moment.  However, you also need to focus on staying in touch with customers during the months and years between these transactions.  For clients at that point in life, seeing posts about the need for insurance is irrelevant.  Instead, share and submit content full of valuable information that applies to customers no matter where they are in the insurance process.  This way you stay on top of his mind so he remembers you when it’s important.

·         Embrace social media

  Everyone uses social media, but as an insurance agent, do you use these channels to grow and nurture your business?  If you say no, make this your goal for 2018. When thinking about where the customer and prospects are, you can find them online.

  One of the mistakes insurance agents make with social media is to only post “boring” information about insurance.  Be creative and share the content on all your attractive and valuable pages, regardless of whether they are currently in the market for a policy or not.  Post interesting questions and ask your network to share their own thoughts in the comments, and be sure to respond when they do.  This is another way to interact with your customers and potential clients, and it’s a fun way and doesn’t feel like work.

·         Request reviews online

  Make it easy for satisfied customers to post positive reviews online with one-click call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your website or send email reminders to request reviews (think Yelp).  Many consumers base their purchasing decisions on peer reviews.  You can make it easier for potential customers to choose you over the competition by enjoying an excellent online reputation.  And be sure to monitor and respond to reviews.  This will allow you to correct any negative or inaccurate reviews and maintain an excellent online reputation.

·         Automate your marketing

  As an insurance agent, managing a good portfolio of clients and prospects is essential to growing your business.  You have a long list of tasks that you do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, which means it can be hard to find time to create and share content as well as follow up with previous clients.

  Automated email and social networking marketing is a great way to consistently reach your audience, even when you don’t have time to pick up the phone or send that handwritten note.  There are many tools that allow you to automate this on your own.

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