10 List of Best Insurance affiliate programs

Insurance affiliate programs are revenue-sharing programs that allow you to earn money from the leads or sales that come from your referrals.  Prices vary per company, but in general, they can range anywhere from $3 (per customer) to $75 (per application).  After the insurance industry, its affiliates also get massive coverage these days.  The most important reason behind this is money.  Just like the insurance business, affiliates also make a lot of money in this field.  Even if you decide to join a small program with very little commission, you will end up with a decent amount of money.

Can anyone become an insurance affiliate?

  Insurance companies have always paid high commissions to their affiliates, so if your blog field is related to finance, travel, health, pets, cars, life, transportation, property, etc., you have a great opportunity to earn a huge amount of money from these affiliate programs.

  You may find many promotions for insurance companies on the Internet.  With the advent of technology, almost all insurance companies work with affiliates.  It is confusing to choose a program in such a situation, especially with such a diverse field.

  That is why we have brought you the best insurance affiliate programs from several outlets.  Choosing from the first ten options is a very easy task instead of choosing from thousands of options.  So, keep reading!

  It is easy to understand that everyone needs insurance.  And if they get a reference from someone they know, it will be easy for them to trust him.  Therefore, insurance affiliate programs open doors and windows of opportunity for social media marketers.

What do you need to become insurance affiliate?

  Even if you don’t want to be a salesperson for life insurance plans, you can earn a significant amount through insurance affiliation program.  All you need is to promote the brand of your chosen insurance partner program in your blog, channel or any social media account you have.  If your audience clicks on your single link to purchase this insurance plan, you get paid!

  Remember that not all insurance affiliate programs are worth.  Choose what you can rely on, and of course, it should match your content.  Don’t be sad if you are in trouble about what type of insurance company to be.

Which insurance company allows insurance affiliate programs?

  Almost every insurance company allows affiliate programs.  If you sign up with the best companies, it will give them more customs, but your reputation will also increase.  Viewers will trust you more when you partner with big companies, and as a result, they are more likely to buy the plans you recommend.  So, it’s all a cyclical process.

  Insurance affiliate marketing on your platform will never end.  If customers are satisfied with the service, they will buy it again through your link, and you can earn more than once through the same customers.  So, it’s a win-win situation!


List of best insurance affiliate programs

·         CoverWallet

CoverWallet is the best friend of small businesses across the USA.  They are there to help you start, run and build your business.  You can count on them for insurance matters every step of the way because their website offers all kinds of insurance plans, perfect for any field.

  Getting the insurance forms you need can be a big problem and a tedious process.  Usually, the entrepreneur will need to fill out several forms, which will then pass through a lot of people before the process can continue.  With the new CoverWallet system, small businesses can get rid of all this hassle quickly and easily.

  As affiliates, CoverWallet will be an attractive feature on your platform, with all the crazy promises they’re constantly making.  When you sign up, you’ll also be given access to their arsenal of content and marketing materials, which is great for small businesses.  If you have a CJ Affiliate profile, it is better if this is the third-party tracking site.  As a partner, you will earn for every valid quote that stems from your platform.

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·         Allstate Affiliate Program

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.  Headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, the company was ranked 79th in the 2019 edition of the Fortune 500 due to its impressive revenue.

  By joining their affiliate program, you will get a commission of $5, $10 or $20 depending on the type you choose.  Whether your website is about home or auto development, you can still get a chance to promote this popular company by inspiring your readers to purchase an insurance policy.

  Allstate operates its affiliate program through Impact Media.  The best part of joining this program is that it will only pay you for your audience to sign up for a quote.  Even if your readers don’t buy the service, it will still pay you.

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·         eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program

  E-Health is one of the best online health insurance providers in the United States.  In partnership with more than 180 reputable health insurance companies, the company offers great support to both individuals and families.  Its partner program allows you to work with the award-winning company whether your location is small business, study, health or insurance policies.  Besides, it provides a good commission based on your niche.

  One of the best parts of this software is the 120-day cookie period.  This makes your audience think about politics and buy with confidence.  Since the company is so popular, there is a chance that you will end up making big sales through your site.

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·         RoamRight

  Practical travel insurance is always at hand.  Domestic and international travel, no matter the purpose, will always come with risks.  Don’t worry because when the unexpected happens, RoamRight is an affordable insurance company that helps you deal with it.  Their insurance covers two areas – financial setbacks due to delays, cancellations, interruptions and medical emergencies.

  They have an easy application process and great customer support.  As for claims, they are fast, paperless, and have a 24/7 assistance team as well.  They are highly transparent and communicative and respond well to customer inquiries.  This service is great for publishers, due to the fact that their affiliate program is very friendly and encouraging.  You’ll get a dedicated team to help manage your account, creative support for your platform, and real-time reporting from ShareASale, your trusted third-party tracking site.

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·         USAA Insurance Affiliate Program

  If your stature somehow overlaps with the military, USAA is the company you need to promote.  Since 1922, the company has been serving military personnel and their family members.  With a wide range of auto, home, health, life, etc., USAA offers help and guidance for raising a family, establishing financial independence, and even planning for retirement.

  The company has partnered with Flexoffers and Commission Junction to operate the affiliate program.  Depending on the network you choose and the type of application, you will get a commission ranging from 1 to 25 dollars with a referral period of 30 days.  Although the commission seems quite low at first, it will be higher if you perform well enough.

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·         Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

  Liberty Mutual is an American company and the sixth-largest insurance company in the world.  Since 1912, the company has been helping people protect what they own, earn, build, and cherish.  Its insurance coverage includes homeowners, auto, general liability, life, and more.  As an affiliate, you will get a great selection of products to promote.  In fact, the company will create a customized service as per the request of your audience.

  While the commission rate seems very low, starting at $3 which will collect up to $17 depending on the type of app, the 120-day cookie period will ensure that you can actually make some decent sales.

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·         Esurance Affiliate Program

  As an auto insurance specialist, Esurance provides relevant insurance quotes and comparison to clients.  The company is known as one of the best in its area and is a member of the Allstate family.  The reason why Esurance has such a great conversion rate is its easy pricing process.  You can join their affiliate program via CJ Affiliate where you will receive $10 – $13.33 per quote.

  Apart from the commission, you will have access to their logos, taglines, and text links to boost your promotion.

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·         PetFirst Insurance Affiliate Program

  An excellent choice for those who run a website about pet health.  Founded in 2004, Petfirst offers parents hassle-free insurance.  The company has already provided coverage for tens of thousands of cats and dogs, thus earning the trust of pet owners across the United States.

Petfirst was recently acquired by Metlife, one of the largest global insurance providers.  You can join their affiliate program via Flexoffers or Viglink.  Although the commission rate is quite low, due to its popularity and growing demand for pet insurance, there is a great chance of making some good sales through your blog.

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