How to sell life insurance online

How to sell life insurance online
How to sell life insurance online

Brokers who know how to sell life insurance online treat it as another way to generate leads – often the primary method – rather than as a fixed and forget-me-not sales technique.  But if you’re still on the fence about how to do it successfully, keep reading.  This article provides some useful tips on how to be successful in the online insurance field.

  You’ve probably had the idea of ​​selling insurance online for some time – either treat it as a side income or gradually make it full-time.  You know people do but you don’t know exactly where and how to start, how much you can earn, etc.  If that’s what you’re wondering, you’ve come to the right place.

Is selling life insurance online easier?

  Selling online means you can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, so you can say goodbye to long commutes, office politics, and those strict dress codes.  But remember, you must be licensed in your state in order to sell policies to the general public – even if you plan to do so online.  This includes selling life insurance, as well as other types of products such as accident, property and auto insurance.

Pros of selling life insurance online

  Selling life insurance online presents a potentially lucrative opportunity for insurance producers with the time, money, patience and technical know-how to run the process.  As more consumers begin their search for life insurance online, it makes sense for insurance agents to establish an online presence to attract some of these potential clients.  With the tools and methods to sell life insurance online, agents can increase their business volume with new clients sourced from online sources.

Why sell life insurance online?

  New technology and an abundance of information have given new life to the insurance industry.  Many carriers are ramping up their capabilities to facilitate the selling process to meet a smoother user experience.  Therefore, when it comes to selling insurance online, it is very important that you have the right mindset and use the available resources to your advantage.  Here are some points to note before you begin:

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  How to sell life insurance online

·         CRM automation

  Instead of using a CRM to its full potential, many agents use it as a contact repository and note-taker, not as a tool to actually help them sell and stay on top of opportunities.  It’s as if you were going to use a high-powered blender as a cup instead of an ice crushing machine.  When working for you, your CRM should automatically present your next best lead to contact so you don’t waste time combing through and picking or picking them at random. 

Using data, your CRM will detect the right lead at the right time, eliminate guesswork, increase closing rates and more.  There are two great platforms that can do this and even specialize in insurance, including Velocify and Vanilla Soft.  In order to make these platforms ideal for online life insurance

·         Automate your business

  Your website integrates with administrative and CRM tools to digitize the workplace and automate workflow processes.  You get accurate tracking of employee performance, production, and engagement, providing a better employee experience.

  The tools also aid the customer experience, helping you track critical customer feedback while managing sales funnels from any mobile device.  There is no need to go to the office when your employees have everything; they need to do their work in a remote smart device such as a laptop or smart device.

·         Generate leads and build brand awareness

  Your website acts as your brand ambassador online.  By using innovative SEO and social marketing strategies, you can effectively promote your website and showcase business online through multiple channels.  The marketing functions on your site help you build sales funnels, increase traffic, and capture leads.  You ensure your advisors always have a complete pipeline, with an endless stream of new leads entering your business through your online marketing efforts.

·         Deal with objections

  When you sell insurance over the phone, you should listen more than you talk, because it gives people a chance to voice their concerns.  When they do, that’s a great sign.  People won’t waste their time complaining about something they don’t care about.  In general, objections buy signals.  This does not mean that objections are a good thing because they are not.  All the objection means is that the person is considering your offer.

  You must be prepared for objections and learn to deal with them.  Too many insurance agents are trying to neutralize it.  The secret to dealing with objections is to prepare in advance.  You are in complete control when you are ready and you will lose control completely if you are not.

·         Leverage Online Content and Resources

 While many digital marketing agencies advise you to build your own website, post regularly to your social accounts, start a YouTube channel, create a podcast and all of that, I think it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed on your own.  Think about the role of the teacher.  An instructor may not always need to develop course material if it is already available.  Therefore, you can consider using the online resources to get you started.

·         Convert visitors into potential customers

  Getting big traffic numbers is useless if these visitors are just browsing your website and aren’t actually converting to leads.  You have to optimize your site to appear high in the search engine rankings, but also to compel visitors to take the next step and submit their contact information.

  Effective ways to convert website visitors into leads include providing a free life insurance report to enter your name and email address.  Or you can promise to offer free quotes that visitors can only receive via email.

·         Increase closing rate

  It doesn’t matter how many qualified leads you receive, you are the one who has to close them in order to make sales.  The best and most popular website seen in the business means nothing to a broker who is unable to work in the sales funnel properly, convert leads into leads, and convert leads into sales.  No website or digital marketing strategy is effective enough to obviate the need for top-notch selling art.

·         Avoid common mistakes marketers make

  There are some common mistakes people often make when setting up their online insurance business.  Make your site as easy to use as possible.  Nobody likes navigating through a complex site just to get some basic information.  Make sure to present any relevant details your potential sales may need in a clear, concise and visible manner.

  Make sure to make your quote form as simple as possible.  Asking too many questions can be a turn off for potential clients.  Make sure to ask for basic details including their contact details so you can contact them when the time is right.  It does not ask for personal or private information.  In this day and age, you want to be sure that people can trust you.

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