20 Best Insurance for Yoga Teachers

20 best insurance for yoga teachers
20 best insurance for yoga teachers

  Before you start shopping for the best insurance for yoga teachers, it’s important that you understand the different types of liability included in these insurance plans and why you need them.  Ideally, your chosen yoga instructor insurance policy will include both general liability insurance and professional liability insurance coverage.

  Despite the calm nature of the practice, teaching yoga is a risky business.  This is because yoga instructors provide a service, which often includes physical modifications.  As such, you may be liable for injuries or damages that occur under your instructions.  Whether you study part-time at a local gym or own a yoga studio, a strong risk management strategy is essential to the survival of your business.

Do yoga teachers need insurance?

  With hundreds of yoga-related emergency room visits each year and more doctor visits, injuries happen more often than most people know.  This is why getting yoga insurance is more important than ever.  Lawsuits can be expensive and your reputation can be ruined because something as simple as a sprained wrist can be devastating.  By purchasing yoga insurance, you can protect against claims for unexpected accidents that accompany yoga teaching, even if the current situation is not your fault.

What is covered in yoga teachers insurance?

  Besides general and professional liability coverage, additional benefits vary by provider.  However, the best yoga insurance policies should include professional location, stolen equipment coverage, identity protection, rental damage, no membership fees, and should cover many methods.

  As a personal yoga instructor, you can purchase a small and cheap yoga insurance policy for general liability insurance for less than what you spend on your afternoon lunch.  If you direct larger group classes or a yoga studio, you can also choose to purchase a more comprehensive policy with higher coverage limits.

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What is the best insurance for yoga teachers?

  Professional liability insurance generally protects you or your business from lawsuits arising from claims of negligence.  This could be an accusation that you failed to meet industry standards that deal with accreditation requirements if you own a studio.  This will also protect you or your teachers from injury claims caused by instruction errors.

  This type of insurance can also provide protection from lawsuits related to undelivered services.  For example, if you are accused of failing to teach classes that you sold; your insurance company can deal with any legal issues that may arise.

Best insurance for yoga teachers

·         Next Insurance

  100,000 business owners highly trust Next Insurance.  Created to give your yoga business the coverage it deserves.  Insurance policies tailored to your needs are available.  You can pay the Yoga Liability Insurance Premium each month so that you can continue teaching while you are covered at the same time.  The biggest benefit is that users can cancel it online at any time if they are not satisfied.  You can even download the insurance certificate online.  There are no additional fees.


·         Alliant YogaPro

  Yoga Alliance and Alliant Insurance teamed up to create Alliant YogaPro.  Alliant YogaPro coverage is designed to meet the needs of yoga teachers who work in-studio as employees or independent contractors who teach in students’ homes or other settings.  In addition to offering individual policies for yoga teachers, Alliant YogaPro also offers separate coverage options for yoga studios, yoga schools, and small yoga businesses.  Only Yoga Alliance members in the US and Canada can apply for insurance through Alliant YogaPro.


·         State Farm Yoga Teacher Insurance

  State Farm is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States and has a reputation for excellent customer service.  Another great feature of State Farm is that they have offices all over the country, so you won’t have a problem getting in touch with an agent.  Although they do not offer special coverage for yoga teachers, they do offer affordable business liability insurance plans.  These plans can also be combined with any additional State Farm policies you may have such as home or auto insurance.


·         NACAMS Insurance Plus

  NACAMS covers more than 350 specialties and modalities, and includes professional and general liability insurance.  NACAMS provides affordable access to liability insurance for yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, physical therapists, personal trainers, and more.  They provide instant coverage and proof of insurance upon checkout.  Member benefits include stolen equipment coverage, identity protection, a free website, and exclusive product discounts.


·         Yoga Journal Insurance

  If you are looking for a very low cost yoga studio or teacher insurance, you should definitely check out liability insurance in a yoga magazine.  One of the best reasons to go with this provider is that it also offers its document holders a Yoga Journal membership, where you can access hundreds of invaluable resources and connect with other teachers.  Like the Alliant/Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal insurance is also provided by Lloyds of London.


·         Yoga Alliance Insurance

  Yoga Alliance is one of the main platforms for training and certification of yoga instructors.  They have partnered with Alliant Insurance Group to give their graduate students amazing rates.  Yoga Alliance liability insurance is designed for personal or part-time yoga instructors, while Yoga Alliance Professionals insurance is geared toward those who desire their own yoga studios or group classes.


·         Simply Business

  Simply Business is a popular online insurance broker.  Makes it easy to compare various quotes for different insurance policies.  Thousands of business owners trust them to protect their business.  They offer the best yoga teacher insurance, and they cover you against the risks you may face while teaching yoga.  This helps you grow your yoga activity rather than taking on the stress.


·         Yoga Journal Teachers (Plus)

  Whether you need to secure a full-time or part-time yoga education, Teachers Plus is a great choice for you.  Provides cost-effective and security insurance coverage for yoga instructors.  Moreover, users can also access the membership options at any time.  It includes premium content, online courses, etc.


·         Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY)

  The Fitness and Wellness Individual Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance Program was created by PHLY for yoga teachers who teach at private events and on the premises and beyond.  Provides protection for almost every type of yoga style. 


·         BeYogi

BeYogi offers comprehensive yoga insurance for full-time and part-time teachers.  Their insurance policies cover wherever you study including online live broadcasts and pre-recorded videos. BeYogi insurance covers more than 350 methods including massage, reiki, acro and SUP yoga.  Your coverage follows you wherever you study, whether in the studio, at the lake or online.  You can explore BeYogi’s full list of covered modalities here.


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